[Challenge 1/12] Domain 10todo.com

This project is part of the challenge 12 Domains for 12 Projects.

I got this domain a few years ago while living in Wroclaw, Poland. I was thinking of a simple website for travelers with a ranking of 10 things to do and / or visit for each city.

The ranking is drawn up based on the suggestions of those who live the place every day.

It’s not the best time to launch such a project, but I don’t care. Sooner or later we will travel again.

What tools am I going to use? I’m a WordPress developer, so I’ll start with a clean WordPress installation and then start designing the structure.

A short brainstorming:

  • each city will have a page with the list of the top 10 things to do with the relative score
  • there will be a form to submit your own list of 10 things to do for each single city
  • people will be able to send photos


  • the site will be useful for those who have little time to visit a place and need a quick list of things to see and do
  • each city may have local guides to contact
  • I could create easy-to-read pdfs via Gumroad


  • ads
  • affiliation

I will update this page with the news.


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