How to sell your digital products for free

An investment is not always necessary to bring your digital product to market. Robin’s tweet a few days ago inspired me:

He first put the individual domains up for sale in his Gumroad account, then created a list of all his domains on Google Drive with a link to the product for sale.

Cost of the operation: € 0

Some might argue that the cost of domains must also be taken into consideration. Absolutely true, but the goal is to sell a digital product without spending an extra cent. The product could simply be an ebook whose real cost is the time it takes to write it.

The only cost is the fee you have to pay to Gumroad for every single sale

Here are the few steps to put your digital product on sale without having a budget:

Step 1: Create the digital product

First of all you need to have a product to sell. Robin had 200 domains to resell and offered the list to his audience on Twitter.

Step 2: Put the product on sale

You can create a free account on Gumroad where you can put your digital product on sale in a few steps. Just click on “New Product” and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Create a sales page

Robin didn’t want to create a web page for this. He decided to exploit the potential of Google Drive, in fact he created a document with the list of domains and the link to the individual products on Gumroad. That’s all!

Step 4: Spread the word!

In Google Drive, you can publish a document on the web. Just go to File> Publish to the web and get the link. I also recommend shortening it using the free service.

For any questions you can contact me on Twitter.